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Promoting Health & Wellbeing through Energy Medicine education and community collaboration. Conducting Research on the impact of integrative primary care and the Energy Medicine field for the reduction of chronic disease and rapid recovery from acute conditions. 

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High quality content – Developed by experts in their field, well researched, and referenced. Curriculum you can trust. 

BioEnergetics Institute will emphasize integrated health care that empowers individuals by addressing the biophysical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and environmental influences that affect health and wellbeing. 

A Big Thanks

We want to acknowledge your interest in our clinical energy medicine and electro-medicine. Electric cell-Signaling Technology (EcST) - producing energy waves of the future for innovative healthcare advances.

Research Studies

Research studies are available providing scientific findings in the field of electro-medicine and where Electric cell-Signaling Technology (EcST) is used as the primary source of treatment. You can access these studies on the impact of integrative and energy medicine for the reduction of chronic disease, improved circulation, and rapid recovery from acute and chronic (long-term intractable) conditions.

Forum, Education, and Membership

Organized to facilitate a forum for the exchange of information between practitioners, research scientists, and the healthcare industry. Our focus is on energy-medicine technology and quantum-based Electric cell-Signaling Techniques that follow musical law and universal frequencies (Schumann Resonance, healing frequencies of Solfeggio Scale, and Fibonacci Sequence) for the activation of regenerative processes in the body.

Coming Soon

 BioEnergetics Institute will offer many courses across a broad variety of topics with Certified Medical Education (CME's) credits and distance learning certification programs, each with a combination of distance learning and hands-on training sessions.

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